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Nov 4, 2013

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell 1 Review (A game that any gamer must own!!!)

I just can't put into words how awsome this game is; but I'll try. There are so many moves, gadgets, details in every goes:

The gameplay: Incredible! This game should easily win game of the year! Why? It's so realistic, so breathtaking, so nerve wracking at times that you really feel that you are Sam Fisher. Here are the basic moves: You can crouch, roll (to move quickly through one area without being seen), jump, double jump (jump off a wall to cling on to a pipe at the top), split jump (where your up against the wall doing the splits. You cant then jump down in surprise and knock out your enemy, or shoot him), cling to pipes (and move around, even hang from it while shooting down a guard). Those are just a few! You can knock people out, put a gun to their head and interrogate them.
Use people as human shields, hide against walls, knockout anybody, slide down a wire, etc... So many moves, all so very cool, you'll really feel like a secret agent. Now with these moves, you must make it through dozens of levels to prevent a war from happening. If caught, the U.S. will have nothing to do with u. You're on your own.
Gadgets: Thankfully, with these awsome moves, you have perhaps the coolest gadgets ever thought up. You have gadgets to unlock doors, look under the door, climb walls, shock people to death, etc... So many cool gadgets! You'll need every one of them to get through this war. But that's not all! You later on get cameras that you can shoot into a room to see everything before you enter, giving you time to plan, think, etc... These cameras though (so cool) can also, when pressing the red B button, make a loud whistling sound that will attract guards. When they are close, push the yellow Y button, and a sleeping gas will enter the air, knocking the guards unconscience, and leaving your path clear. These cameras also have night vision, heat vision, and of course, regular vision. So many uses, these cameras may save your life more than once. Use them wisely.
The game: In the game, you must get through different levels, finding out secrets in various ways, and doing whatever is asked of u. U can read e-mails from hacked computers, listen in silently on conversations, hide dead or living bodies (you can either knock them out or put a bullet to their head). Sam is also equipped with heat and night vision goggles. So when you have been spotted, and several guards are coming your way, you can shoot out nearby lights, split jump and watch blind guards come in. Put your night vision goggles on, jump down, put a gun to one's head, and use him as a human shield. Shoot the others, knockout your hostage, hide the bodies, and move on. So many options of doing almost anything during gameplay, you'll be spoiled of how to beat each mission...or come back later and beat it on a harder setting. You can also pick up and throw bottles, coke cans, anything. The whole process of the game is very cool.

The graphics: In case you haven't heard, this game has some of the best graphics ever seen in a game. One of my friend's walked in, sat down, not seeing the controller in my hand. He thought I was watching a movie for a few seconds! That's how good this game looks. The lighting is fantastic. Knock out all the lights, pitch black. Leave a tiny bulb on, a lite glow fills the room. Very cool! Sam even changes. He rolls up his sleeves, breathes in and out, steadies his gun when running so as to not make a clit, clat noise. Etc... So much detail put into everything. Even things like when Sam's hands are busy (like hanging from a pole), he cocks his head up, then down, to get his night or heat vision goggles on. Sooooooooooo realistic!

Depth: Incredible! On the normal setting, you'll be lucky to beat this game in less than 30 hours. And the ability to go back and beat the game on hard later adds even more replay value! This game has it all!
Overall, this game rocked in every aspect. Even sound (perhaps the best ever in a game) is ignored because of how good everything else is. Voice acting is so realistic, as Sam always sounds confident, and yet sometimes doubtful, and even a bit nervous. You can hear how fast you're running, the footsteps of approaching enemies, the true reloading of your gun (which ranges from silencers and snipers, to machine guns at times), and the shells falling to the floor.
This is a classic, a must have, and any gamer should feel left out never playing Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell!
Verdict: 90/100


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