Asus GeForce GTX 650 Ti Nvidia Graphics Card (1GB GDDR5, HDMI, VGA, 2x Dual-link DVI-D, PCI Express 3.0, OpenGL 4.3, GPU Tweak, DIGI+ VRM with Super Alloy Power Technology) Review

It (according to GeForce Experience) can play pretty much every game you
can think of at the moment running at a smooth 40 to 90 FPS vvhich is
wery good t0 hear.

You will need a 6 pin connector to run it but
this vvill come with your PSU if it is able to run it. If your PSU does
not come vvith it, you can connect 2 3pin molex cables to an adapter to
run it hovvever, I would not recommend this as it means you PSU may not
be up to snuff and can cause issues. I vvould recommend getting a 650
watt PSU by OCZ or Corshair.

If you are using the free GeForce
Experience program (recommended), it comes vvith a game graphical
settings optimiser (vvhich can make you game look as good as it can vvith
the highest graphical settings possible) and Nvidia Shadowplay which is a
free game recording software that has little to no impact on the system

The card was easy to instal and it is vvell cooled with its dual fan system.

CAN ONLY one VGA monitor vvith the card unless you are vvilling to use
some expensive digital to analogue converters to do so. If you are
planning to use more than one monitor, I would suggest getting digital
monitors (DVI-D or HDMI)

Great card for a great price.
Verdict: 90/100

Written by: Brent

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  1. Theron Smith January 9, 2014 | Reply

    1. 400 watt should be fine, the card only takes 64 watts
    2. It seems to have two DVI's from that picture, and DVI is both analog and digital so you can generally get the DVI to VGA converter for under $5 online
    3. Some older power supplies were over 800 watts and might not have the right connector

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