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Pucs – 100/100
Tales of Berseria ist zwar mein erster Teil der Reihe, jedoch muss ich sagen dass es mir unglaublich gut gefällt bis jetzt und ich wahnsinnig gespannt bin auf die Story, die kommen wird. Gerade bei den wenigen Anime Spielen die nicht Visual Novel sind, erfüllt dieses Spiel die Lücke, in dieser Richtung der Gamingbranche.

Kytes – 100/100
Tales of games are big part of why i’m still playing videogames. This is such a wonderful series. Berseria introduce female main character which is pretty rare in jrpg, on top of that she is basically villain, a pirate. Other parts are pretty classic, which means they are good.

Silverbolts – 90/100
Berseria is about what you always wanted the heroes to do to get out of a situation easily. Who cares about valiantly introducing yourself before a duel? Just attack! Need to get some fools off your trail? Let some worthless people become fodder for your assailants’ blades. Velvet, the protagonist, will use any tool at her disposal.

Battles are fierce and have an interesting ebb-and-flow. You expend and extract souls from your enemies, allowing you to extend your combo lengths. Anybody who appreciates brawler and fighting games will feel at home, even if you don’t normally play RPGs. While it’s not quite as fighter-style as Zestiria’s combat, it’s still engaging and requires you to pay attention. Playing on Hard from the get-go felt natural and enjoyable.

If you didn’t play the game before, Zestiria, you shouldn’t be lost — you’ll miss out on some of the clever and/or harrowing realizations that come with having experienced Zestiria, but Berseria takes place a few hundred years prior. Strangely though, it does feel more like a sequel than a prequel. While chronologically this happened first, it’s so connected that the pacing of the game’s reveals is going to resonate more with Zestiria players than if you played them the other way around. Long story short, Zestiria showed you the most hopeful parts of this world’s story. Berseria shows you its direst.

One of my only complaints are that while the main characters and the villains have great voice acting, some NPCs sound idiotic. My other is that dungeons tend to be lack-luster and kinda overused. Overall, I’d recommend this to anybody who likes jRPGS — this isn’t a Tales game, it’s just a good jRPG with apple gels.

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