Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy Overview

Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy finds the behatted intellectual and his sidekicks Emmy and Luke taking on more than 150 new puzzles as they investigate the disappearance of a mysterious “living mummy.” Called to the town of Froenborg to examine a woman completely encased ice, Layton and his team soon learn that the woman […]

Action RPG “Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms” to be released on PC in 2014

BitComposer and Games Farm today announced Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms, a new action RPG to be released on PC in 2014. In Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms, the mortal realm is on the brink of destruction, with humanity’s only hope resting in the hands of a soul-devouring demon. Following the events of hack ’n’ slash RPG Kult: Heretic […]

PAC-MAN Museum Is Available Today

PAC-MAN, the yellow 80’s icon with a voracious appetite that has transcended generation upon generation of gamers stars in this nostalgia-packed collection of games. In the game, players will need to skilfully dodge and juke troublesome ghosts while gobbling up all the pac-dots and power pellets lying in their path. PAC-MAN MUSEUM will include classic […]

Thief 2014 Review and System Requirements

The smaller scale of the levels is not my main problem vvith the game, Deadly Shadovvs also had smaller levels compared to the previous games, but they oozed personality and atmosphere, from the pitch black forge with the immortal golems to the zombie ship at the harbor to Shalebridge Cradle. This, hovvever, does not. There […]

allpcgame ‘Essential’ The Best GameCube Games

THE LEGEND OF ZELDA THE WIND WAKER The babbling nonsense of the internet whingers faded to a stunned silence when “Nu Celda” finally hit the shelves. It’s an interactive experience that’s as exquisitely fashioned as a Disney feature film, and dosen’t lose any of the gameplay for it. Some interminable sailing sections spoil it a […]

Ikaruga System Requirements and more

Fantastic PC port vvith some nevv polish and features (nothing game changing). Plenty of options 4 configuring the game, hud, screen layout, and resolution. They really thought this through vvhen porting to PC, and it puts avvay the stereotype that all Japanese game developers are crap at making PC games. APG Score: 80/100 System Requirements: […]

Mega Man Network Transmission Review

The chips that give you your powers. Wage web war! The blue wonder’s latest is yet another slice of disappointment and mediocrity… If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, as the saying goes. So quite why Capcom decided to ‘fix’ the Mega Man Battle Network series by dumbing down the RPG-style sections, and replacing the […]