Bravely Default Overview and Synopsis

Designed as a spiritual successor to Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light, Bravely Default offers gamers a classically styled RPG with a few twists on traditional turn-based combat. Players take control of a quartet of heroes as they go on a quest to reunite powerful elemental crystals, exploring dungeons and engaging in battles along the way. Each character has a set of BP points for use during combat, and players can use the Default command to shield themselves and bank points for the next round, or the Brave command to do extra damage by moving twice in one turn.

There are 24 job classes from which to choose, including White Mage, Thief, Pirate, and Vampire, and characters gain new skills and level up their abilities as they engage in combat. Gamers learn more about each character as the story progresses thanks to animated interludes and augmented reality scenes that are accessible when pointing the 3DS cameras at special cards. Bravely Default also includes mini-game in which players help rebuild the demolished village of Norende by connecting with others via StreetPass or the Internet to help increase the population of the town.

Rating: 85/100

Join a quartet of heroes as they go on a quest to reunite elemental crystals and save the world
Choose from 24 job classes and engage in classic turn-based combat
Recruits friends online to help rebuild a destroyed city

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