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Mar 24, 2014

Installing new 850 EVO SSD with fresh copy of windows 10

Hello, I just got a 500 gb 850 evo ssd. i'd like to install a fresh windows 10 onto it so that my computer boots up using win10. currently, i use a HDD with windows 7 on it.

I have the sata-to-usb3.0 cord and made the partition MBR - NTFS (since I don't have UEFI installed - use BIOS). now, will the fact that i already selected a partition be a problem? I got ahead of myself. And at this point I'm a bit confused on what to do next? Should I check the SSD alignment at this point? Should I install win10 onto my usb using the media creation tool? Should I change to AHCI from IDE (I have the intel 7 series chipset sata ahci controller)?

When should I take out my HDD and replace it with the SSD? I'd appreciate a bit of help on the order of things to do here


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