TowerFall Ascension Overview (Synopsis and Features)

TowerFall Ascension is a multiplayer archery game that mixes the fast-paced combat of the Super Smash Bros. series with retro graphics designed to resemble classic fixed-screen platform titles. Up to four players compete in more than 100 unique stages, launching arrows at one another, dodging incoming attacks, and opening chests that contain special items and power-ups. Ascension also includes a single-player Trials mode in which gamers attempt to shoot a variety of straw dolls as quickly as possible, and the Quest mode lets one or two gamers battle waves of incoming foes.

Rating: 85/100

Shoot arrows, dodge attacks, and unlock special treasure chests
Join three friends for fast-paced local multiplayer action
Impale straw dolls in the single-player Trials mode
Take on waves of incoming monsters alone or with a friend in the Quest mode

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