Grand Theft Auto V – PC Petition Surpasses 700K Signatures

Even though Rockstar has not revealed yet any plans for a current-gen or a PC version of GTA V, PC gamers have been signing up a petition to show their interest. That petition has just hit 700K signatures, proving the high demand for that title. The petition now aims to reach 1 million signatures, something that will – most probably – never been achieved.

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One thought on “Grand Theft Auto V – PC Petition Surpasses 700K Signatures”

  1. I feel rather ambiguous about a PC release of any Rockstar game. It would be nice for it to be available, but Grand Theft Auto IV requires similar specs to Crysis 3 to fully max, and barely looks better than Fable…the horrible port was an insult to everyone who paid money for it (including myself). My gaming laptop can play Crysis 3 1080p with very high textures and good frame rates but can't max GTA IV with reasonable frame rate, please tell me I'm not the only one that sees a problem with that.

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