All Eidos Interactive Games With Ratings

Eidos’ beginnings in the early 1990s was as a proprietary technology company employing a handful of individuals. Eidos has since undergone a dramatic transformation process to arrive at its current status as a diverse and well rounded Entertainment and Technological Group utilizing nearly 500 staff. In October 1995 the first of a series of acquisitions […]

Might & Magic X – Legacy PC Review

Recommended for fans of Might & Magic and classic first-person style party turn-based RPGs! +Classic gameplay combines with enhanced graphics +Grid-based movement is still fairly fluid and combines well with the map and secret systems +Customizable party/characters and skills +Voiced intro, character banter, and some voiced dialogue in game +Good variety of side quests, settings, […]

Top Games for Core 2 Duo U7, L7, T5 and T7 processors

Commander Cool 2 is a four player local coop retro-styled adventure that is destined to be one of coolest game in 2015! Might & Magic X – Legacy is the latest installment of the Might and Magic role-playing video game series. NBA 2K14 is a basketball video game that was developed by Visual Concepts and […]

Mario Kart 8 Overview (Synopsis and Features)

The series that created the kart-racing genre makes its debut on Wii U with a variety of new characters, new courses, new items, and new anti-gravity racing in Mario Kart 8. As always, players can join their favorite characters from the Mushroom Universe as they hop in a variety of go-karts, bikes, buggies, and gliders […]

all MotoGP PC Games (List of all Motogp Games)

MotoGP is a class of the Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix. MotoGP 15 MotoGP 14 Disappointing. MotoGP 13 Better than expected. MotoGP 08 Fun game, but needs a better throttle system. MotoGP 07 Great racing, poor graphics MotoGP 3: Ultimate Racing Technology (2004) MotoGP 2 (2003) Better than GP3 MotoGP (2002) Fantastic motorcycle racing […]

the Best PC Games of May 2014

Flockers – Genre: Action, Early Access, Indie, Strategy / Developer: Team17 Digital Ltd. / Publisher: Team17 Digital Ltd. Wolfenstein: The New Order – Genre: Shooter / Style: First-Person Shooter / Themes: Alternate Reality, Nazis / Developer: MachineGames / Publisher: Bethesda Softworks / Controls: Keyboard, Mouse Transistor – Genre: Role-Playing / Style: Isometric Action RPG / Developer: […]

Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms Launches Soon on Steam Early Access

BitComposer and Games Farm today announced that action-RPG Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms will launch on Steam Early Access on June 13th. Offering many hours of gameplay with over 10 different maps, gamers can experience the whole first chapter of the game, including the first bossfights, as one of the game’s main protagonists. More features, such as […]

Transistor Review, System Requirements and more

Wow… just WOW. Music and Sound: Amazing. Enough said. Art: Beautiful! Combat: Really fun! You can spam attack in real time, or use the turn system to plan multi-attacks. Really gives a great strategic feel to the combat. The function upgrading is great, it allows you to expand your character and combat style to suit […]