WildStar Overview (Synopsis and Features)

Gamers join either side of a long-running conflict and uncover the mysteries of the legendary planet Nexus in the MMO WildStar. Players can serve as a member of The Dominion, a galaxy-spanning empire, or The Exiles, a group of refugees and outlaws, and then customize their character’s race, class, and paths. There are four races within each faction, six uniquely skilled classes, and the Explorer, Soldier, Settler, and Scientist paths all provide custom content. WildStar also lets players purchase plots of land to build homes, work benches, and mines, among other decorations.

The vast and varied world of Nexus was once home to an advanced alien race known as the Eldan, and it is their technology that the Dominion and the Exiles are competing to obtain. The game’s PvE action includes quests, path-specific missions, time-based challenges, dungeon crawling, raids, and even shiphand missions in outer space. Those who prefer to challenge other gamers can participate in open-world battles, one-on-one duels, team-based arena fights, ten-on-ten battleground matches, and 40-on-40 fortress battles. Combat in WildStar features a telegraphing system in which incoming attacks are displayed on the ground, giving gamers time to leap or dodge out of the way.

Rating: 80/100
Take sides in a decades-old conflict between two factions trying to recover alien technology
Choose from two factions, eight races, six classes, and four paths
Compete in a wide variety of PvE and PvP game modes

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