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Jul 17, 2014

All PC Game's 1993 HOT LIST

Once more, the team let a little of their private games playing lives spill onto the page.

BRENT: 'Lamborghini is my top play at the moment. I like the idea of driving a car which costs more than a house (and a flippin' nice house at that). And racing past police cars is not something I've ever done on the motorway, seeing a I travel at a steady 70 everywhere, so it's a laugh to do a bit of that as well.'

JO: 'I've been playing Sunset Riders a lot this month, because I was brought up on a strict diet of western films. Actually, that's complete rubbish. I'd be dead by now if that were the case. No, in fact, I was actually brought up on a diet of food, which is why I'm here today. Anyway, Sunset Riders is a jolly good laugh and I'm glad I'm alive to play it.'

AMANDA: 'I'll give you a clue about what I'm playing at the mo. "Ha-Do-Ken! Yoga nugie! Good point! Ya ta! etc. etc." Yes, it's good old Yoshi's Cookie. Only kidding - I'm stuck to the Street Fighter II Turbo joypad. And it's got to be said "I'm the strongest woman in the world."

BARNEY:  'D'you remember Pilot Wings? I do, and I've recently got back into it. Strangely enough I used to do a bit of hang-gliding myself, and this game takes me back to those heady, soaring Summer days, drifting peacefully over the liquorice fields of Pontefract. Actually this is all a lie But I do like the game lots, though. That bit is true.'

LIZ: 'Yoshi's Safari has been the game of the month for me. I got fed up with Yoshi, though, so I started shooting him in the back of the head. He screamed very realistically until I realised that I had the Super Scope the wrong way round and was actually firing at Jo.'

RHOOD: 'I've been feeling a bit peckish lately, so Out To Lunch has been just the snack I've needed to keep me going. Light, yet filling. Tangy yet not overspiced. And made with the full-cream milk of three tubby cows, it's perfect or those in-beetween meals that don't spoil your appetite. And whilst playing, I've eaten about 25 Kit Kats as well (burp).'


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