Supaplex Retro Review

Digital Integration is a name usually associated with complex flight sim games (and looks set to remain so with the release of their Tornado game early next year), but with the launch of the Dream Factory label they’ve decided to dip their corporate toe into more arcadey waters.

The first game on the label is Supaplex. a Boulder Dash clone set inside a computer, where you guide a little Pac-Man character around mazes collecting Infotrons’ and avoiding “Zonks’ which fall down the screen according to the laws of gravity when the supporting earth beneath them is dug away (Gravity’ Earth? Inside a computer’ Never mind .)

Now. copying Boulder Dash isn’t a crime – it’s a classic game style and stands up to repeating – but when it’s executed this badly questions have to be asked After a fair enough first warm-up screen, things degenerate swiftly. The second stage is an interminable maze with nothing in it at all except the exit, which is a real yawn to trek around, then it all gets worse with ridiculously-long levels which rely heavily on you guessing the correct route to take while boulders (oops, sorry. ‘Zonks’) ram down on your head, making a single mistake fatal Presentation is shoddy, confusing and insulting too. and generally this is dreadful rubbish for masochists only.

If this is going to be typical of Dl’s efforts at arcade fun, they’d be better off sticking to flight sims. There are half-a-dozen PD Boulder Dash games better than this.

Verdict: 29/100

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