Batman Returns PC Retro Review

Holy moly! It’s a giant flying mouse! Will the caped crusader p-p-pick up a penguin? Will Robin ever get a game of his own? Will Batman return? All is revealed…

As the velvet cape of night falls over the snow laden streets, Gotham City prepares for another night of terror at the hands of the clown gangs. It may be Christmas but no one is celebrating.

As the people of Gotham gather to hear the plans for their future from twisted tycoon Max Shreck, a strange shadowy creature creeps from his heaven deep in the sewers.

The Penguin is back! Abandoned as a baby, due to his deformed body he is now insane. He has returned to wreak havoc upon his family and the race that spurred him — and he’s not alone!

His latest accomplice is the savage and sadistic feline fanatic, Cat Woman. Once meek and mild, she’s been hurled into trauma-induced psychosis by the only man she trusted — Max Shreck — and now she’s out for revenge.

With the authorities powerless to intervene only one hope, one saviour, one man can come to the city’s aid. This dark hour needs a dark hero. Batman — The Dark Knight — returns…

The coped crusader has a cool selection of moves to use against his foes. This cape spin knocks over anything or anybody in range, but it uses up loads of energy!

Taking place over seven levels this is a standard beat-’em-up with the attraction of an into-the-screen 3D race-an-blast sequence. As Batman you take on killer clowns in the first stages. There are fat ones, thin ones, stilt walkers, clowns with rocket launchers, clowns on bikes — the list is endless. Later in the game you confront Cat Woman and The Penguin supported by his missile-armed minions. Each level is introduced by a short movie-style sequence including excellent digitised stills from the film.

As the winged wonder you are often in need of help so look out for powerups including energy, lives, bat-o-rangs and a grapnel gun. What do you mean Batman Returns? He never went away!

If you battle through the first five levels of beat-’em-up action Batman gets to jump into his Batmobile and go for a spin through the streets of Gotham City. The penguin’s henchmen are soon out to stom him though.

Verdict: 76/100

Publisher: Konami of America, Inc. Developer: Spirit of Discovery Release Date: 1992
Themes: Superheroes, Outlaw Hero

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