Gorasul: The Legacy of the Dragon Review and System Requirements

Gorasul’s graphics are a couple of years behing the times, and the animations are comical by today’s standards

Take a borrowed. 2-year-old game engine, tack on a cliched story involving amnesia and a hero rising from the dead to save the world, infest the gameplay with bugs, and translate the text from its original German into a comical form of English, and you’ve got Gorasul: The Legacy of the Dragon.

Things manage to start out in a fairly interesting fashion in this role-playing game from German developer Silver Style. One nice twist is that you can set the game to favor combat, puzzle solving, or a mixture of both. You assume the role of the born-again (literally) Roszandas, and can choose from among the standard fighter/cleric/ magic user types of classes. You’ll also get to choose a special weapon, complete with stats, the ability to gain levels, and its own personality. A clash of wills between you and your weapon could have made for some great gameplay moments, but most of the time, your weapon is relegated to comic relief or giving you background info.
Roszandas also has a set of special powers, which make him much more than the average Joe. When he was a baby, he was left at the doorstep of a dragon’s home. The dragon raised Roszandas as his own and imbued him with special dragon abilities, such as breathing fire, accessing additional strength, or causing fear. These powers appear only when Ros is in grave danger, but you have no control over them. One ability you do have some minor control over Is Dragon Eyes. As you increase strength in this, the log ol war on the minimap is diminished. All In all. though, these powers seem tacked on, and so much more could have been done with them within the game.

You can set the game to favor combat, puzzle solving, or a mixture of both.

Most of the rest of the game sufflers from similarly wasted opportunities. The engine looks like a near-direct copy of the original Baldur’s Gate engine, which means the look of the game Is already well out-of-date. This wouldn’t be so bad if the engine weren’t so damned unstable. Trying to save my game became its own game of chance-heads I save properly, and tails I crash back to the desktop, losing whatever progress I made.

The storyline has you recovering from amnesia and then setting off to save the world from evil. (Did they stay up all night coming up with that one?) And though I’m pretty sure this wasn’t the designers’ intent, most ol the fun I had with the game was seeing how absurd the next translation from German to English would be. In fact. I’m not sure the person in charge of this job was fluent in either language.

Some of the quests you’ll receive are actually quite cool (especially the mini strategy game that has you defending a kobold city), but mostly the chores are mundane and the gameplay very linear. If the game worked smoothly, it might prove a fun diversion for genre fans, but too much pain has to be endured belore the pleasure reveals itself.

Once in a while, you’ll come across diversions like this archery challenge. Don’t worry-how well you do in them makes no difference to the outcome of the game

Verdict: Dated graphics, buggy code, and an unintentionally hysterical translation from the original German are too much to overcome. 40/100

Intel Pentium II 350MHz
8MB graphic card
600MB of free hard disk space
4X CD-ROM drive

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