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Aug 19, 2014

Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment [PlayStation Network]

Set in the near future, Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment put gamers in charge of a young man named Kirito who has been transported into the world of an MMO and must stay alive there to avoid dying in the real world. Hollow Fragment is designed to mimic the mechanics of MMOs, with players recruiting party members, interacting with more than 100 NPCs, exploring the 3D landscapes of the SAO world, and engaging in real-time combat full of combos and burst attacks. The game also features some dating sim elements, with gamers building relationships with a variety of potential partners.

Partners can also head into battle, and gamers can set their AI beforehand, or communicate with their partner in real time to coordinate attacks. After battles players can collect treasure, items, and crafting items that can help improve weapons and armor. Multiplayer fans can join up to three friends for co-op questing, with each player taking along a partner for a party of eight, or games can enlist four AI partners for a party of five. Hollow Fragment also incorporates an HD version of the original game in the series, the Japan-only PSP title "Infinity Moment."
Rating: 67/100

Help a young man explore the virtual-reality world of a game within a game
Engage in fast-paced combat full of combos and burst attacks
Join friends for online co-op action


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