Arcana Heart 3: Love Max!!!!! Overview

More than 20 female fighters head for Japan to compete for control of three rumored wish-granting stones, and a new epilogue tells of a mysterious hot spring in Arcana Heart 3: Love Max!!!!! All of the characters have unique fighting styles, but what sets the Arcana Heart series apart from other 2D fighting games is that different Arcana spirits can also be attached to each fighter, offering special skills and attacks, and giving gamers more than 500 different character combinations.

The game’s Story mode features fully voiced dialog and anime cut-scenes, and new content sheds more light on each of the air-dashing angels, offering more than 300 glimpses into their daily life. Players can also choose the Score Attack or Training modes, while the Simple mode was designed to make things easier on inexperienced gamers by mapping major functions to single buttons. Multiplayer fans can also test their skills, competing online in ranked matches against up to five others, or simply watching the action in Spectator mode.

Choose from 23 different fighters and battle through a Story mode with fully voiced dialog
Attach Arcana spirits to each fighter for more than 500 fighting styles
Head online to take on up to five friends in ranked matches

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