Trapped: The Abduction Review (hidden-object game)

First of all I must mention that this game has a problem running in a
fullscreen mode. That’s the first big drawback. When I started it up it
produced a very unhelpful error message ‘couldn’t find a working
resolution for this PC’ and opened in a smallish window. The only way I
could see enough to play the game was to set my computer to a low screen
resolution, which in turn messed up my desktop icons . That was
extremely annoying and from now on I will always look for reviews
mentioning this problem before spending money on any game.

After I found the workaround for the screen resolution issue I found the game to be well made and interesting.

game mostly consists of hidden object scenes. If looking for hidden
objects is your delight, you will probably like this game.

have been kidnapped and find yourself in an old abandoned building.
There is a maniac watching you on a screen and taunting you throughout
the game. You are essentially herded through a series of rooms.
room is a hidden object scene. You have to find a bunch of random
objects before you can start examining the room. Then you have to find
more objects and use them to open a door, or repair something before you
move on to the next room where you repeat the process. The maniac who
kidnapped you keeps making various remarks and observations.

second big drawback for me was that there is not much thinking required
of the player. You proceed from room to room, there is no option to go
back or choose a different room. The hidden objects are quite easy to
find. There are no puzzles to solve. There are no mini games between the

Another annoying thing is that there are no difficulty
levels, you cannot make this game more challenging. You get what the
author wants to give you, period.
The game ends quite suddenly, without any kind of resolution, which is a big disappointment.

this is a not-bad game with big drawbacks, and if it were (much)
cheaper than the $6.89 I paid I would be much happier with this

Verdict: 60/100

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