Lords Of The Fallen PC Information and Rating

Producer Profile:

PC-DVD Front and Back

The bulk of development on Lords of The Fallen is being carried out by Deck13, who are collaborating with Polish studio CI Games to Ensure the game hits its release window.

Producer History:
Blood Knights 2014 (Xbox 360)
Jack Keane 2007 (PC) | Stealth Combat 2001 (PC)
Ankh: The Tales of Mystery 1997 (PC)

High Point:
Venetica took three years to release in English and saw substantial success – going gold on the PC. It was pulled off with passion and respect for the genre:

Format: PC, Xbox One and PS4 | Origin: Germany/Poland | Publisher: Bandai Namco |
Developer: Dec 13/CI Games | Release: October 28, 2014 | Genre Hack-n-slash | Players: 1

allpcgame.net Rating: 80/100 (Great)

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