Planetary Annihilation: Collector’s Edition Overview (Features and Synopsis)

The ominously named Planetary Annihilation refers not to an end-of-times scenario on Earth, but instead to real-time strategy action in which players literally attempt to decimate celestial bodies controlled by opposing factions. Gamers can colonize an entire solar system worth of planets to mine resources and amass an army, then take their massive war machines on trips to destroy enemy bases. Players can wage war alone, or they can engage in a variety of multiplayer modes that involve as many as 40 different combatants.

The collector’s edition includes exclusive in-game commanders, a digital soundtrack, desktop wallpaper, and a hardcover art book.

Rating: 60/100

Colonize randomly generated planets and extract their resources to build a power army
Use military might to decimate enemy planets and take over the galaxy
Take on a variety of multiplayer modes that feature as many as 40 gamers
Includes bonus digital items and an art book

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