Shadow Warrior Overview (Synopsis and Features)

Shadow Warrior puts players in the role of corporate shogun Lo Wang as he journeys after a legendary samurai sword, leaving a trail of blood, guts, and puns in his wake. With the fate of the world in doubt, gamers must use a combination of magic, powerful guns, and brutal katana slices to dispatch hordes of yakuza strongmen and freakish mutants. Acquiring money, earning karma, and finding hidden Ki Crystals lets players upgrade their weapons, improve their skills, and strengthen their magic, and the Arena mode lets Lo Wang battle waves of enemies in three different environments.

Rating: 70/100

Help a modern shogun rebel against his corporate masters, find a legendary sword, and save the world
Use magic, a katana, and a variety of guns to dispatch hordes of enemies
Reimagined version of a classic golden-age FPS

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