Memory of a Broken Dimension

Get scratching that glitch

Look at the image above. Really look at it. Is that a light migraine you feel comingon? This oddly beautiful monochromatic first person half puzzler/half programming experience came into being when developer EzraHanson-Whitecameup with the title fromarandomname generator. Yup, true story. If only more developers did this.We might not be stuck with Rise Of  The Tomb Raider. Inspired by Hanson-White’s experiences with more user-unfriendly PCs thanwe’re used to in the 21st century, the game puts you inside a coding terminal and sets you testing your hacking skills before allowing you access into a strange pixelated, greyscaleworld. Environments see you surrounded by flickering visual white noise, and an atmospheric soundtrack accompanies your journey into black and white madness. And, somehow, it looks rather wonderful.

Pixel perfect 
Previously a developer at Gearbox and Monolith, Hanson-White describes the experience as “aesthetic exploration”, and has beenworking on the game since early 2011. Now on Steam Greenlight, it’s an oddly fascinating trip into a digital world where you must explore and learn to progress by lining up fragmented images to create full pictures. A combination of platforming and puzzling meets Tron; it’s an experience that needs to be seen to be fully comprehended.


Donot adjust your set. And you thought your display was only meant to look like that when your HDMI lead was slightly loose…

Format PC Developer XRA Due Summer

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