Bugbear’s new racer channels Destruction Derby

The level of destruction on show is astounding. With each collision comes a shower of lovely metallic rain.

The folks behind the Flat Out series have finally lifted the lidon the Finnish studio’s upcoming, previously unnamed, crash-centric racer. Wreckfest (previously just Next Car Game) wears its engine on its sleeve with this new moniker, being a collision-heavy take on a much-revved genre.

The pit crew at Bugbear has already tuned up the game to the point of Early Access over on Steam, though the new name comes alongside a boot-full of fresh features for existing petrol heads to wrap their chassis around. Four new modes, including straight up Racing, self explanatory Demolition Derby, Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch have been introduced for up to 18 players to careen into at once. Bugbear has stated, however, that it hopes to eventually increase the total number of players to 24 to best make use of its incredible-looking destruction physics.

Party crashers 
Alongside the introduction of multiplayer, Wreckfest has also earned itself a new track, the speedway, which will uniquely feature two tracks in one. On the outside lies an oval raceway, while on the inside the chaos unfolds across a figure of eight looping track.

At the moment it looks like Bugbear will continue to focus on the PC version of Wreckfest, although, despite a Kickstarter campaign which was cancelled well short of the console version stretch goal, the outfit has indicated that it would like to see the game on PS4 and XO.

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