All “The Creative Assembly” Computer and Video Games

The Creative Assembly was founded in 1987 by Tim Ansel. After producing console sports titles for EA and other publishers, the studio steadily gained prestige and respect with its Total War series of computer strategy games – Shogun (2000), Medieval (2002), and Rome (2004) – each subsequent release earning better sales and greater critical praise than the previous. In March 2005, Sega of Europe announced that it had acquired The Creative Assembly, and that the developer’s next project would be a console game, Spartan: Total Warrior..

Selected Titles
Shogun: Total War – Warlord Edition [Jewel Case] Rating: 70/100
Rome: Total War Rating: 80/100
Shogun: Total War – Warlord Edition
Medieval: Total War – Gold Edition Rating: 80/100

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