ArcheAge Overview (Synopsis and Features)

A free-to-play sandbox MMORPG, ArcheAge puts players in the middle of a classic battle between good and evil and offers a mix of combat, exploration, crafting, farming, and sailing. When creating characters, gamers can choose from four different races and more than 100 different classes based on ten skillsets, and once they reach level ten they can combine any three skillsets to create a custom class. As players gain experience they can practice and master a variety of skills, from hunting and gathering to crafting items, homes, ships, and even castles.

ArcheAge also includes fully navigable waterways, on which players can sail to secure trade routes, battle with pirates, and engage in full-scale naval warfare. Gamers can recruit allies and form guilds, build and fortify ships and buildings, and then engage in PvP combat. Players can also buy a variety of baby pets and watch them grow into dependable mounts or powerful battle companions, and in addition to travelling by boat or on mounts, characters can swim, dive, climb, walk, and use gliders, vehicles, and portals.

Rating: 79/100

Take part in a struggle between good and evil, set in a living world of farming, sailing, and combat
Create a character from four unique races and more than 100 different classes
Head to the seas for naval trade, piracy, and warfare

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