F1 2014 Overview (Synopsis and Features)

Codemasters’ Formula One series returns with new circuits, an updated career mode, and the introduction of turbochargers in F1 2014. A new driver evaluation system is designed to identify strengths and weaknesses and provide gamers with an appropriate difficulty level, and the expanded Scenario mode presents small challenges to hone driving skills. The refined Career mode means players can take on a full slate of events or select shorter 7- or 12-race seasons, and multiplayer fans can join a friend for local split-screen action, or head online for 16-player races on RaceNet.

Rating: 69/100

Take on a full season of Formula One action or race in shortened seven- or twelve-circuit seasons
Use the new turbochargers and ERS system to overtake opponents like never before
Join friends for local split-screen or online multiplayer action

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