Guilty Gear X2 #Reload Overview (Synopsis)

Gamers gear up and get back to the battle in this 2004 edition of the cult-popular 2D fighting series. This Xbox “#Reload” of Guilty Gear features more than 20 playable characters, nine modes of play, and full support for multiplayer matches over the Xbox Live service. Like earlier games in the series, this edition of Guilty Gear is defined by fast-action fighting, precision control, over-the-top characters, and flashy special effects.

In the 22nd century, a new form of energy is discovered; it’s potential for solving the world’s troubles is so great that it is dubbed simply “magic.” Instead of ending poverty or reducing pollution, however, this magic is used to create deadly weapons called “gears.” In a last-ditch hope to save humanity, a great fighting tournament is staged, to seek out those exceptional men and women strong enough to defeat the deadly gears in battle.

Rating: 69/100

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