Lords of the Fallen: Limited Edition Synopsis

In Lords of the Fallen, players take on the role of a condemned prisoner named Harkyn who is released from bondage when the demonic minions of a fallen god begin terrorizing a medieval world. Gamers can choose to make Harkyn a Warrior, Rogue, or Cleric, and then explore complex environments full of danger, use a mix of weapon- and magic-based attacks to engage in strategic real-time battles, and search for gear and items to help unlock new areas. As players advance through the game they will accumulate experience and gradually learn more about Harkyn and his world.

Lords of the Fallen shares a great deal in common with From Software’s popular Demon’s Souls/Dark Souls series, including a medieval setting, demonic enemies, battles against giant, intimidating bosses, and even a system in which gamers lose their experience if they die and are unable to reach their ghost the next time they play. However, developer CI Games has made a number of tweaks to the formula, offering slightly faster combat encounters, a more direct narrative featuring cut-scenes, a multiplier that increases experience if players avoid checkpoints, and optional missions that are unlocked after boss battles, and promise both extreme difficulty and valuable rewards.

This Limited Edition includes the full game, the Monk’s Decipher and Demonic Weapons Pack DLC, and an official sountrack.

APG Rating: 60/100

Take control of a freed prisoner who must battle the demonic army of a fallen god
Choose from three character classes and wield eleven kinds of weapons
Explore a dark world and participate in more than 15 boss battles
Includes the Monk’s Decipher and Demonic Weapons Pack DLC and an official sountrack

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