Mortal Kombat X – Get over here, frame counters

Few genres have as much to prove to their fans as the fighter. gamers profess undying love and pour molten scorn in equal measure when it comes to the updates of a new entry. there are traditions to protect, after all. with a few decades on the block, Ed Boon’s netherrealm knows this. and with the tenth game in the mk series, it appears to be displaying its most hardcore sensibilities.

It’s a locked 60 frames per second on PC – a must for frame-counting fighters – and re-introduces running from the old games. you can start combos mid-run, too. more intriguingly still, every character has three variants, such as scorpion’s ninjutsu, hellfire and inferno types; the idea being that every style is catered for and no combo of warriors has a predetermined outcome.

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