The Order 1886 – PS4

PUB Sony | DEV Ready At Dawn | ETA 20 February

IT’S NOT THE only game that looks set to stagger us with its visual prowess in 2015. but this PS4 exclusive is staking a claim to be leading the pack when it comes to dropping jaws. The Order’s stunningly rendered world is a mix of fantastical elements and pseudo-Victorian technology, with semi-immortal knights and monstrous lycanthropes placed alongside electronic arc guns and thermite rifles.

The knights of the titular Order. Mallory. Grayson. Lafayette and Isabeau hate advanced healing abilities and an extended lifespan thanks to a magical liquid called Black Water. Early on in the game, these knights will find themselves protecting lords and ladies from a working-class uprising as well as having to deal with the half-breeds with which humanity has been engaged in conflict for centuries.

We don’t much like the idea of gunning down the poor while protecting toffs, but we’ll have to see how the game’s story progresses. Perhaps we’ll ultimately find ourselves with the choice of who to pledge allegiance to come the revolution?

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