Wasteland 2 Overview (Synopsis and Features)

Players take control of a squad of Desert Rangers in the Southwestern United States. When creating a character, users will need to distribute points among seven attributes: Awareness, Charisma, Coordination, Intelligence, Luck, Speed, and Strength. Divided between Weapon, Knowledge, and General, there are more than 25 possible skills to learn and upgrade. Similar to the first two Fallout games, Wasteland 2 features an isometric viewpoint and turn-based combat. Familiar and all new enemies can be found throughout the wasteland, such as mutated animals and the deadly Scorpitron.

Wasteland 2 is the official sequel to 1988’s unique role-playing title set in a post-apocalyptic world. Wasteland had received an unofficial sequel in 1990’s Fountain of Dreams and has a spiritual successor with Interplay’s Fallout (1997), which itself has spawned many sequels. However, the official rights to Wasteland exchanged hands a couple times with no new games being developed before Brian Fargo, a developer on the original game, reacquired the rights in 2003.

Rating: 70/100

Official sequel to 1988’s Wasteland
Lead the Desert Rangers through a post-apocalyptic Southwest United States
Character creation features seven attributes and more than 25 skills
Release Date: 2014

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