Cougar Speed – Gaming Mouse Pad Review

Flexible Durability

Summary: Although it isn’t a solid pad, the Speed is very durable and makes for a great mousing surface.

Review: To go with their high end peripherals, Cougar have brought out a variety of mouse mats to help improve performance. This Speed mouse mat provides just that; quick response. Available in three sizes, the Cougar Speed uses an HD surface, which provides a smooth experience while not compromising sensitivity.
It also features a base designed for maximum comfort and surface grip, meaning that your mouse pad won’t go sliding around when you need it to stay still. And the heat treated edges mean that it will last much longer, with less tendency to curl or fray.

As cloth or soft mouse pads go, the Cougar Speed certainly is among one of the better ones, and while it might not offer the durability of a solid pad, it is wonderfully portable, too. The thick base also tends not to retain curls, which is a bonus.

Verdict: 75/100

Tech Specs:
HD surface
4mm base
Right angle wave base
3 size variants
Heat treated edges

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