Driveclub Review (PS4)

“Driveclub is an ok racer that looks fantastic.”

After months of delays and massive hype we finally got to take Driveclub out for a spin – but is it any good? In a nutshell, it’s OK. Driveclub is one of the best looking racing games we’ve ever seen. The amount of detail given to every car and course is literally mindblowing! This game looks like actual real-life! However, very few of the tracks have actual wow factor and are instead a bit unmemorable. The cars handle well and all feel different from each other. There are plenty of game modes and tracks and the online club features are a great addition and definitely make you want to play with your mates. The game has unfortunately been plagued with server issues that mean actually getting to use these online features have been frustrating at best.

Despite all of this, the game feels a bit stiff and cold. You never feel like you’re going fast even when the speedometer says you are. Getting penalties for corner cutting and bashing other drivers saps some of the fun.

Verdict: Unfortunately, for all the dazzling looks there’s never a moment when you feel wowed by the game. even when you’re blazing at top speed, it never feels as fast or exciting as other racers like forza. driveclub is an ok racer that looks fantastic.

Rating: 70/100

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