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GT Editor Ron Burke digs into Dungeons 2 from Kalipso and Realmforge. Could this be the return of the dungeon management sim? Oh, let’s just call it what it is — let’s find out if this is Dungeon Keeper 3 already! 85/100
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Hooked Gamers
Looking at Dungeons, it’s clear as day that we don’t need EA for a true Dungeon Keeper experience. This is it, and then some. 85/100
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Dungeons 2 is nowhere near the level I wanted it to be. It would have been nice to see an evolution of the dungeon management genre that takes things to the level of complexity of city-builders like Pharaoh or Zeus…Instead, the title is a low complexity strategy game with some real-time strategy mechanics, providing a fun experience if you’re looking for something that could be described as a modern day Dungeon Keeper. 75/100
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PC Games (Germany)
A lighthearted and colorful strategy game that is determined to replicate the formula of Dungeon Keeper while adding some fresh ideas of its own. However, this led to some awkward design decisions, uneven pacing and an unreliable interface. Alas, it is not as good as it could have been – but at least it’s a much better game than the first Dungeons released in 2011. 73/100
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The basic substance of Dungeons 2 is really good. You can tell that the developers had good ideas and have invested a lot of heart and soul into their baby. 72/100
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It’s a shame Dungeons 2’s above-ground RTS battles are so primitive and poor, because the underground dungeon-management stuff actually works fairly well. 52/100
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