Lord of the Dark Castle – PC Reviews

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This games offers a wide variety of monsters, loot, and situations that will mean that no two games will ever be alike!

It’s very casual and slow paced turn based game play gives you time to make tough decisions and plan out your next move, but it offers fascinating depth with more stats, information, and feedback that you can shake your sword at! Because your death will be permanent, every decision you make could be critical, every fight you encounter could be your last, and every chest you open could be the secret to your success!

Awesome game for the price, I am very impressed…

Value: 40 out of a possible 40
Fun Factor: 24 out of a possible 30
Controls/Bugs: 16 out of a possible 20
Graphics & Sound: 7 out of a possible 10
My TOTAL Score for Lord of the Dark Castle: 87%

For the price, this game offers both roguelike game fans, and RPG Dungeon & Dragon fans a HUGE value for their dollar! Don’t miss it as this is a truly special Indie RPG gem!
Rating: 80/100

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