NES Cartridge Fetches $35k

We beg your pardon?

We’ve brought you news of ancient video games going for a lot of money before, but this one… this one is pretty special. A sealed copy of Stadium Events, a title for the ever-wonderful NES console, has sold on eBay for a huge $35,100. The fact that it was sealed presumably helped drive the bids up, as did the fact that this particular game stands out more than most.

Released in 1987, Stadium Events was intended for use with a floor mat peripheral produced by Bandai, which was discontinued pretty swiftly after its launch, forcing the game to be pulled from shelves at the same time.

Making for a very limited run of the game, this all means that this is a very rare beast indeed. Some bids came in at around $100,000 before being removed and then the final figure was finally settled on. What’s the buyer going to do with it? Hopefully, visit an Antiques Roadshow recording very soon. Or maybe they just really, really want to play it?

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