Razer Atrox for XBOX ONE

FOR THOSE THAT wan! an authentic arcade experience from the Xbox One. Razer has released the sequel to its popular Atrox controller on Xbox 360. The redesigned unit will feel very familiar to those that used the previous version, featuring high-quality Sanwa Hardware components, but it also has a few tricks up its sleeve.

For a start, the buttons, joystick and the controller’s top panel are all customisable Razer has designed everything to be easy to remove and replace. So if you’re hankering for Hello Kitty buttons or a face plate that features your actual face staring back up at you as you mash buttons, it’s easy. Inside the casing you’ll find a honeycomb structure that makes it straightforward to move different controls around to your needs, so you can get the perfect personal setup without too much hassle.

There’s even a storage area inside the casing, giving you the space to keep a screwdriver, a spare joystick, and even a couple of spare buttons. This controller marks the end of you blaming the controller for repeatedly getting your ass handed to you in Killer Instinct.

The internals can be accessed with the touch of a button on the side of the controller’s casing, and it includes that screwcriver and spare joystick so you can get modding right away.

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