Robotex Mini Review

We all remember Wall-E: that lovable, hard-working droid left alone to clean up a severely polluted Earth while humanity relaxed in outer space. But how would it look if we inverted the premise? What if we sent a lone robot to find us a new home on another planet while recklessly destroying the environment in anticipation of our arrival? If Robotex by Brazilian developer YFYX GAMES is anything to go by, it’d kinda suck.

The game is an auto-scrolling runner/platformer hybrid. You take control of a single robot with a jetpack and a missile launcher. Dropped into a hostile ecosystem with poorly-indicated obstacles and
enemies, our mechanical friend has to dodge assorted hazards and kill the local fauna.

Though appearing on the PC and Mac, the game is quite clearly designed with a touchscreen in mind: controls are a simplistic, two-button affair, of which giant indicators appear on the screen upon first play. They’re also rather unwieldy; getting the robot to hover correctly and fire a steady, consistent stream of rockets seems to be more about chance than skill, and navigation soon becomes more of a chore than fun. This, coupled with the almost non-existent music and lacklustre, confusing visuals, makes Robotex one to avoid, even with an asking price of only $2.99.

This a awkward, unwieldy platform-runner is cheap, but still h 60 hardly worth your time.

Verdict: 60/100

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