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StarDrive 2 Reviews

StarDrive 2 is a an aggressive space strategy game that pits space bears against an entire race of Cthulhu impersonators and happy-go-lucky plant people against a race of slavers that are serviced by tiny adorable owls. It’s weird and it’s silly, and gosh that premise sounds pretty great, right?

Except, the original StarDrive contained the same races, the same adversarial setup, and it mostly ended up being disappointing. This time around, these bizarre empires are duking it out in a better game, but StarDrive 2 still contains some of its predecessors most glaring issues.
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StarDrive 2 lets me play as a race of samurai space bears, and therefore it is hard for me to provide an unbiased review. Providing me with the ability to conquer the galaxy as an ursine warrior-race is always going to win points with me. That said there’s plenty of solid genre competition out there (space-bears or no) so it’s fortunate that Zero Sum’s sci-fi strategy game has plenty going for it apart from its galactic menagerie of playable races.
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Space and the 4X strategy genre go together like peanut butter and chocolate. StarDrive 2 attempts to capitalize on the combination and comes away marginally successful. It hits all the necessary notes in unspectacular fashion, though the ship-building aspect stands out as one of the more noteworthy features. The game fails to deviate from a familiar path and thus loses its impact, but players who know what to expect will likely find something to enjoy in StarDrive 2.
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Have you ever noticed how no one ever talks about Master of Orion 3? It was so universally loathed that fans prefer not to acknowledge its existence. We met with StarDrive 2’s lead developer, Daniel DiCicco, last August and left with the feeling that a spiritual successor to Master of Orion 2 was right around the corner. DiCicco introduced his new game saying “People kept asking why I did not make StarDrive 1 play more like Master of Orion 2”. Shrugging, a smile formed on his face as he continued “So that’s exactly what I plan for StarDrive 2”. Eight months down the line and some 25 hours into the game, the end result speaks for itself: he wasn’t kidding.
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