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Jan 23, 2015

SteelSeries "Raw Prism" Gaming Headset Review

Review: Aversatile headset is always a great thing to have, particularly if you are gaming across multiple platforms. To date, no one has produced a headset that manages to bridge the divide between PC, PS4 and Xbox One yet, but there are some out there that can be used with PC and PS4 (a much hardware friendlier console, when all is said and done). The biggest problem, though, is that they tend to cost and arm and a leg.

SteelSeries has an option that doesn’t tip the financial scales quite as much; it comes in the form of their Siberia Raw Prism headset, and like other SteelSeries Raw products, it strips away some of the potentially unneeded features and leaves behind just what is necessary.

The Raw Prism’s versatility ends there, though. Because it has a USB connector, it works fine for PC and PS4, but won’t be useable with any devices that make use of a 3.5mm interface. The fairly generous cable also does not feature an in-line volume control. In fact, there is no volume control built into the Raw Prism, which can get a little irritating. The only control that it offers the user is a mic mute switch built into the left ear cup. Additionally, the microphone is not a boom – rather, the mic is housed in a small protrusion on the left ear cup.

The over-ear cups and headband are generously padded and finished with a breathable fabric, which proves fairly comfortable after protracted use. The rest of the unit is finished in a durable plastic which, while strong, feels a little on the flimsy side.

The only real special feature that the Raw Prism has is the fact that the user can define the colour of its lighting. That seems a little redundant, though, when not even an in-line volume control has been included in the final product.

IN terms of audio, the Raw Prism delivers great sound. This really is the most important aspect of any headset. However, there are many models out there with excellent audio performance, and it comes down to added features to differentiate them. Cost is a factor too, of course, but I don’t see that saving some money and having adjustable light colours is going to set the Raw Prism above its competitors.

Ultimately, it comes down to what you need a headset for, and how you want that experience to be. If you want a quality, inexpensive device that keeps things extremely simple, the Raw Prism is a very decent option. But it feels like too much as ben stripped away here to earn the Raw title, and some sensible inclusions have been omitted for simplicity sake.
Verdict: 75/100

Summary: While it is a stripped down Rawproduct, it feels like the removing of features was a little too zealous in this case.

Tech Specs:
USB powered
Mic mute function
Integrated mic
PC compatible
PS4 compatible
Adjustable light colour


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