Street Fighter V (PC and PS4)


– There will be PC version as well, complete with cross play between the two systems.
– No more ultras should put the emphasis on pure skill instead of lucky comebacks.
– Capcom finally has another chance to bring Q back. Do it. DO IT.

IN SUMMER 2013, Capcom’s producer and long-time Street Fighter boss revealed Capcom didn’t directly have the budget to develop and release a new Street Fighter game. Fast-forward a year and a half and Capcom announces a brand-new Street Fighter game (not just another Street Fighter IV Ultra Super Redux Edition) – albeit it with Sony console exclusivity, releasing alongside PC with cross-platform connectivity.

Sony approached Capcom with an offer -stating that if tie developer wanted the budget to produce a new Street Fighter, they could partner up with the hardware giant aid even use the expertise of Sony’s in-house PS4 engineers. The result? A fighting game built from the ground up on the PS4. intertionally designed to allow console players to fight PC players, intentionally designed to extract as much power as possible from Sony’s little black box. The game looks stupendous, and seems to mix up the status quo we got used to over the four iterations of Street Fighter IV quite a lot…

The gameplay we’ve seen so far seems to suggest Street Fighter V will feature a new kind of mechanic that removes Focus moves (thankfully) and introduces a charge attack – reminiscent of the S-Groove charging moves you could do in Capcom & SNK 2 Each character seems to have their own take on this, from Ryu’s electoral charge, to Chun Li’s A aura-based meditation

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