Tengami Review and System Requirements

GameInfo: Tengami is a video game for iPhone, iPad, Wii U and PC. It was released in 2014 on iPhone and iPad, November 13, 2014 for the Wii U and January 15, 2015 for Microsoft Windows.

Review: What a cool game. The music and atmospheric sounds were excellent and the art style was very nicely done. It feel’s like you’re playing a painting.

Just a couple of downsides:

1. no save function? and if you quit, it should really say something like “are you sure? you will lose all your progress”

2. sometimes the really cool musical themes build up wonderfully and then just abrupty shift to ambient sounds. It’s a little jarring. I think a fading transition would suit the mood of the game more.

3. I respect the slow pace of the game, it’s very calming, but it feels a little dull at times because just moving around the (very beautiful) scenery is not very interactive feeling. Just clicking and saying “go there” feels a bit out of place in such a tactile game.

Over all really cool game but I’m probably not going to finish it because it was a little slow, which was nice, but I lost all my progress (see problem #1) and I just dont feel like it will be as cool the second time around, I think I’ll just be bored. 10$ is a bit steep for this I think, since it had a couple of significant areas of improvement, but if’s you’re rolling in cash and want a lovely, relaxing, focused, sensory experience… I’d say go for it.

Verdict: 60/100

System Requirements

OS: Windows Vista
Processor: Core 2 Duo
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: Open GL 2.1 compatible graphics card
Hard Drive: 900 MB available space


Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie
Developer: Nyamyam
Publisher: Nyamyam
Release Date: 15 Jan, 2015

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