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The 5 Greatest PlayStation Icons of All Time

After 20 years, the PS public has picked its faves
Over the past two decades we’ve seen incredible places and done impossible things. But through it all, it’s the characters who have stuck with us – the heroes and villains we still remember 20 years later.

“Crash’s first adventure was colourful, charming and punishingly difficult.”

1. Crash Bandicoot
Known for Changing 3D gaming forever.

2. Kratos
Known for Tortured growling, albinism, half-baked misogynist controversy.

3. Nathan Drake
Known for Knocking Lara off her wobbly pedestal. Then stealing it.

4. Batman
Known for Hanging crims from gargoyles. Ineptly piloting Remote Batarangs.

5. Dante
Known for Air-juggling demon scum.


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