THE WITCHER 3 WILD HUNT – A New Challenger Has Entered The Game

THE RISE OF the Witcher in the wider gaming consciousness has been a journey to behold. From respected indie PC RPG to triple-A, next-gen, best in class adventure in the span of eight years is quite an achievement. The Witcher 3 for the first time carries the expectation of being a challenger to the likes of Dragon Age and Elder Scrolls, rather than an outside scrapper of the Dragon’s Dogma variety. But that’s a position CD Projekt Red has battled for and taken hold of with demo after demo and trailer after trailer of jaw-dropping quality.

The latest piece of news to add a little excitement to The Witcher 3’s slightly delayed release is that there’s a second playable character. This was mistaken by some to mean a fully playable character option other than Geralt or even perhaps the option of co-op. CD Projekt has since clarified it means only another character who for unknown periods of the game you will embody to see some other elements of the story. The good money at the moment is that the character in question will either be the sorceress Yennefer, an old companion of Geralt’s, or Ciri. the woman the Wild Hunt appears to be chas ng and who herself has historic ties to the Witcher.

The other very important piece of news regarding The Witcher 3 is the 16 pieces of free DLC the game will be delivering post-launch. So far only four have been revealed, being an armour set, beard and hairstyles for Geralt, an alternative Yennefer costume (perhaps adding weight to her being the other playable character) and a contract mission called Missing Miners. It’s not exactly game-changing stuff, but given how some other companies like to squeeze every last penny out of a game wth Season Passes and pre-order exclusives, CD Projekt is making a pretty big statement about its views on such practices with this announcement.

While we wait for more information about secret characters and further free DLC. we must simply sit back and gaze upon the glory of what we continue to see from this game. Smooth combat, epic battles, imaginative use of magic that feels as close to plausible as such things can and a scale that’s really quite inspiring. CD Projekt held this game back again for further development so it could get The Witcher 3 right and all signs are pointing to that being a smart move.

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