TOP 13 Most Popular PC and Video Games in 2015

Project Cars

With massive community involvement aiding the development process, this simulator should be rather unique.

Witcher 3
The Witcher games have built a strong reputation and following over the years, and the third title appears to be looking to meet expectations.

Citizens of Earth
Turn-based combat that has no NPCs? Great!

Dragonball Xenoverse
History has been altered and the Time Warrior must head back in time to rectify the battle between the Z-Fighters and their mightiest foes.

Total War: Attila
For fans of strategy, Total War: Attila is definitely one game to keep an eye on.

Gaming has significantly being getting bigger over the last couple of years. We are all addicted to collect in-game currencies such as gold in the games World of warcraft and Diablo.

However it is also great to play some relaxing slot games from time to time. LesAcasino is one of my recent favourites.

I love their type of slot games ranging from Gladiator to Egypt themes with Queen of Pyramids, or if you like a sunny theme there is ‘Beach Life’ for you.

Comic book themes include Spiderman, Hulk Jackpot and Iron man 2. They are all fantastic, fun and easy to play.

You can have it a go using practice mode and don’t need to spend anything to try it out.

Blitzkrieg 3
It might be worth checking out.

Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison lost her arm during the “Washington Incident”. Equipped with a newly fitted robotic arm, she embarks on a revenge mission.

A Rite From the Stars
A Rite from the Stars appears to a charming addition to the adventure genre.

Hand of Fate
The cards are dealt. Fate awaits. The battle begins on the table and is transported into the dungeons where an adventure plays out.

Blackguards 2
While Blackguards 2 is definitely sticking close to the original formula, this looks to be exactly what fans appreciate.

There Came an Echo
Making use of voice commands, it will make for an interesting premise.

Titan Souls
Armed with but a single weapon, a hero searches between this world and the next for Titan Souls, engaging the gargantuan beasts on his adventure.

An interesting idea from a Brazilian developer, Toren may be well worth the effort.

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