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Having followed this game for a while, I was very much looking forward to it. I feel the game has let me down in some places but in others it really impressed me.

+Wonderful Pixel art!
+Really nice atmosphere and music to boot.
+Moments that stay with you even after you put the game down.
+Challenging puzzles, but not frustratingly difficult when you can find what you need.
+Cutscenes are scripted well and are really nice to see.
+Facility feels as huge as they say it is.
+Dream mechanic is really cool.
+Genuinely scary AT TIMES.

~Chase sequences are fast and unforgiving, and really make you think on your feet. Better camera angles would have really worked here though, as i feel that i was unable to react fast enough to the things that came on screen.
~Controls are generally pretty good and feel responsive, but i feel as if they don’t make much sense sometimes. For example: both the ‘E’ key and ‘Space’ key do the same thing. ‘E’ is to interact, and ‘Space’ is to pickup. Not sure if many people feel the same but i think i would prefer it if they were the same key. Also worth mentioning that while it might have been a design choice, the shooting feels counterintuitive and unnatural.
~While it’s not a huge issue, the Pause screen GUI scaling with the size of the view port is mildly infuriating, especially considering the fix for this in GM is as simple as switching over to use the ‘Draw GUI’ event. but other than that the UI makes a lot of sense and is overall really impressive.

-Seems to have suffered the fate of a lot of games like this, where the solution seems to make no sense, and is not what the player would have done, creates this notable gap between player action and character action and as a result a lack of immersion happens.
-Dialogue feels a bit paper thin and inconsistent at times, Tom, the main character seems to have this weird dissonance between how he acts and responds from scene to scene. E.g. Sometimes he comes across as sarcastic and witty, while other times he is deadly serious.
-Game breaking glitches and moments that really threw me out of the experience, like endless black screens, or enemies teleporting in front of you. Feel that maybe playtesting was needed.
-Irritating that each time i wanted to read something at my own pace i couldn’t because i feel that i had to rush to beat the game timer.
-Lots of little things contributing to me feeling unable to immerse myself in the world. And so at times, it did not feel all that scary at all.

Overall I feel that this game has a lot to offer you, and you won’t come away regretting your purchase, but i feel this game really needed more time to mature to get these bugs out of the way, and to fix a lot of the kinks that really suck you out of the experience. There is a lot of potential for this to be a genuine winner for those that really enjoy a horror that will run through your mind when you lay in bed at night. Rating: 76/100

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