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Feb 12, 2015

Darkest Dungeon Review and System Requirements

GameInfo: Darkest Dungeon is a roguelike, dungeon crawler video game created by indie developers Red Hook Studios.
Review: Darkest Dungeon: A game you will love or hate, or both at the same time.

I bought this game after watching about 4 minutes of a stream. From the start it looked very fun, interesting and most importantly...difficult. It wasn't a game like so many where it's tailored to just get you from start to end. Where you mess up any number of times and just get more chances. With Darkest Dungeon there is room for error, but it's a very small room; and most the time you have to take a loss of some sort.

Anyways into the real details.
- Game looks, feels and sounds amazing
- Combat system is fun, alas very random.
- Upgrade system is very well done, with 4 different types of upgrade mats
- Stress system is great, you get broken down mentally and physically, which is what seemed so interesting
- Random dungeon layouts proves for a fun new adventure every time you embark
- The game is VERY fun!

- As it's been said so many times before in other reviews, good and bad; the RNG is not only too random, it's BEYOND frustrating. I fell this is by far the biggest issue with the game at current development. I'm not sure if it's a tooltip issue, or programming issue, or what the underlying cause is; but the RNG is far too random. I've literally (meaning literally not OMG "literally") had a 85% hit chance skill miss 9 times in a row. Now with 15% miss chance, sure it's not impossible, but this happens often in sperts of "bad RNG". It wasn't just a single time. When you have "low light" from your torch you're supposed to have a higher crit % according to the tooltip, but I don't think I've ever crit while doing a "no light" run. All in all, if you get angry at games on any level whatsoever, this game will definitely piss you off from time to time...often enough.

- The Sanitarium is a joke, not only is it ridiculously expensive, with having to reduce stress after almost every dungeon, you never have time to put your characters in there. ESPECIALLY since you get a new affliction (debuff) almost every single run as well. So what is really the point of it? The Sanitarium needs to reduce stress as well, not as much as the Abbey or Tavern (otherwise they would become worthless in place of the Sanitarium), but by a 50% rate or something.

- The in-dungeon character dialogue. They like to talk a lot, and when they do it stops whatever you are doing. It becomes increasingly annoying when they say the same things over and over as well. So you're not just being stopped to hear something interesting, you're being stopped to read the same thing over and over. It becomes unbareable when they get full stress and break, because in the battle they say something non stop and you spend 50% of the time waiting for them to shutup.

- There is no structured combat rotation, it seems characters can go whenever they want. It's never "your turn" and then "enemy turn". Also, sometimes in particular with "surprise" attacks the enemy can go multiple times in a row, before you can. So at that point you're so far behind in the dungeon with almost maxed stress and no HP it's a miracle of you get out with all 4 people alive, or finish it at all.

It's early access, so we'll see where they take the game, but right now it's still worth playing if you can deal with moments of being annoyed and hating your characters sometimes. Even with all the at length CONS, I still highly recommend the game.
Verdict: 89/100
System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7+
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: Open GL 3.2+ Compliant
Hard Drive: 900 MB available space
Additional Notes: 1080p, 16:9 recommended

OS: Windows 7+
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: Open GL 3.2+ Compliant
Hard Drive: 900 MB available space
Additional Notes: 1080p, 16:9 recommended

Genre: Indie, RPG, Strategy, Early Access
Developer: Red Hook Studios
Publisher: Red Hook Studios
Release Date: 3 Feb, 2015


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