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Feb 7, 2015

Metal Gear Online Information

Developer Profile: Though there’s undoubtedly a symbiotic relationship between Kojima Productions and the Los Angeles studio, the tangential developer was created and set to develop the latest online component of MGS. While it is true that the studio – as a name – is completely unproven, it’s fair to assume that Konami and Kojima will be keeping it on track.

Publisher History:
Gradius 1985 [Arcade]
Castlevania 1986 [NES]
Contra 1987 [Arcade]
Metal Gear 1987 [MSX2]
Suikoden 1995 [PS1]
Metal Gear Solid 1998 [PS1]
Silent Hill 1999 [PS1]

High Point: Konami’s history has been a long one with a number of high-profile successes, but the importance the release of Metal Gear Solid on PS1 had for Konami, PS and gamers everywhere is undeniable.

Format: Multi
Origin: US
Publisher: Konami
Developer: Kojima Productions, Los Angeles
Release: 2015
Players: TBA


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