The Best 5 Developers in the World

CD Projekt Red

The Polish studio’s best work appears to be ahead of it. With The Witcher 3 near the top of several most wanted lists in 2015, anticipation for this final chapter is greater than for its predecessors. More than anything else, though, CD Projekt Red is garnering a reputation for making games the right way. DRM-free, plenty of DLC post launch for everyone at no cost, and delaying release to actually finish the game properly.

SCE Japan Studio
Sony’s internal Japanese studio was responsible for Knack – which dragged down the developer’s consistency and average score – but otherwise its back catalogue is a stellar example of Japanese games with a Western appeal. The studio often teams up with external developers to lend its 18 years of experience to fledgling companies.

id Software
Most of id’s good reputation comes from its influential early work like Doom and Quake, but you have to give some credit to Rage and the id Tech engine. Having spent several years now working on the next Doom, id has really raised our expectations. We think we’ll see something massive from this legendary team.

Ubisoft Montreal
Despite some issues with recent releases – Assassin’s Creed Unity, for example – Ubisoft Montreal is still worthy of note: the Far Cry series is solid, Watch Dogs reviewed well and its work with the UbiArt Framework on Child Of Light proved it’s more than a onetrick pony. We hope the studio recovers from Unity’s bad press in time for 2015’s AC.

From Software
While the average score is dragged down by ten years of Armored Core games, From has proven itself as one of the most influential studios in the world after its more recent releases gained their own cult following. Dark Souls has already inspired clones, and From’s sadistic approach to game design established it as a unique presence.

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