Dyscourse Review and more

GameInfo: Dyscourse is an interactive choose-your-own adventure where you journey through a stylized world of choice and consequence. You play as Rita, an unfortunate art school grad turned barista, who is now stuck on a desert island with a crew of oddball travelers after a plane crash. That last choice you just made? It may […]

Ride (Racing Game) PC Mini Review and more

GameInfo: The game features over one hundred bike models across 4 different categories: Superbikes, Supersports, Naked Bikes and Historic Bikes. Review: Poorly optimised. I can run anything on max settings, this on max seems to stutter. Several races have been forfeit due to the game stuttering and coming back already having wrecked. Really hope they […]

Total War Warhammer – GameInformation

It’s official – the developers of this epic fantasy strategy game have given us permission to call it ‘Total Warhammer’ if we like. The pun balance of the universe is restored. Newly revealed details make it clear that the sheer power of monstrous units, like giants and steam tanks, will force players to seriously shake […]

Gigantic – PC and XboxOne

MOTIGA IS looking to embrace the MOBA push on consoles with Gigantic, its five-on-five, third-person battle arenagame.As with all MOBAs, you’ll be selecting a unique hero with an array of powers and play styles, battling towards the goal of toppling your enemy’s guardian. Beautiful Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker-style cel-shaded art and Windows10 to XboxOne […]