Battlefield Hardline Review and more

GameInfo: Get a piece of the action in Battlefield Hardline, a fresh, new take on Battlefield that allows you to live out your cops and criminal fantasy.Combining an emotionally-driven single player story inspired by popular TV crime dramas, and an all-out-war multiplayer on the streets of Los Angeles and Miami, Hardline delivers the most complete FPS on the market.

Review: Battlefield is an amazing game.

I have clocked over 3000 hours into battlefield 4. I have also counted at least 24,895 explosions within that time.

You know, I must be confused because when I play a game called “battlefield” I want to be on a…….BATTLEFIELD!

In this game you play cops and robbers.

Wow how exciting!!

The last time I played cops and robbers I was 7, and we had to stop because I used a NES zapper and pointed it in a group of people riding in a 69 chevy while play rap music at full volume. Needless to say they did not like it for some reason.

In today’s world I want to play a mans game with explosions and this is not battlefield, this is a game 7 year olds play.

The worst game created by people using computers who should really think about growing up.

Verdict: 10/100


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